Sunny is an apparel brand that aims to show the bright and happy times of Manila by making everyday Filipino things into something more. As a heritage brand, we want to celebrate. Filipino aesthetics and culture into a young and trendy international landscape through streetwear. 

We are unapologetic, optimistic, and spirited.
The Design System
To translate Filipino aesthetics into a visual system, we focused on old Manila as inspiration (50s to 80s). The main focus was on hand-drawn typography, street food, old cinema, and tropical symbols.
The main inspiration of the logo was the hand-drawn signage from different parts of Manila. After researching on hand-drawn typography used, the one with the most character was the black-letter based on the font Amador. It was then configured and customized as to create the hand-drawn look.
The type system was created to have a lot of visual cues on Filipino culture while still being balanced so two display fonts were used (Amador and Quiapo) and then Neutral BP to balance the whole system out for readability and function.
The illustrations were made to be much more painterly-like and organic as to match the hand-done influence from the other elements of the design system. It also was heavily influenced by the imagery found in Filipino jeepney car sides. The main visual imagery used was street food and native flora.
The Apparel
In creating the apparel itself, the main influence was vintage 80s punk jackets. This was to resonate both the hand-drawn imagery and history of Manila that inspired this brand. The design for the jacket was based on the Sampaguita film actresses of the 50s to 80s who were known for their classic roles in the "Golden age of Filipino cinema."
The Promotional Material
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