Roomers is a personal roommate matching app that is risk-free, dependable, and here for you. Our key is understanding you and your space. We understand that getting a roommate is hard, but getting a good one is even harder. We're here for you.
The Design System
The logo talks more than just a room but about a shared space. An icon for having a roommate is the couch as couches show the presence of having more than one person in the room. It talks about sharing with two seats available rather than just a solo chair.
Roomers aim is to be friendly and dependable which is why it has a rounded outline type that shows its form without any pretension but with full accessibility.
Its design system is simple, clean, reliable, and approachable. Functionality and friendliness was the first thing to prioritize in creating the type system and illustrations. All are very direct while also still giving room for interaction.
Applications were made as to stream-line online, print, and website promotion. All have cohesive imagery while sharing a clear design system and brand architecture. An animation was also made to show the loading screen involved in the mobile application.
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