Student designers were challenged to a speed packaging design challenge wherein they conceptualize and create packaging for chocolate bars based on a cultural icon.
For this prompt, I wanted to focus on Sorbetes or Dirty Ice Cream found in the Philippines by creating a two-tier box that revealed local flavors at once such as Ube and Mango like an actual ice cream cart. 
Research and Sketches
I wanted the form to directly reflect the aesthetic of Filipino ice cream carts and so I first sketched the black-letter typography and created sketches of Filipino animals and scenes. While creating the packaging concept, I wanted to experiment with the placements of the Primary Display Panel and the variant colors.
Typography and Illustration
In creating the illustrations, I wanted it to be friendly and interesting by using a Children's Book inspired style while drawing the Tamaraw and Tarsier. These animals were used as to assign indigenous Filipino animals to each flavour.
In creating the typography and specifically the logotype, I wanted to still use the black-letter but retain readability. I took out the ligatures and contained the letters to an invisible bounding box as to create consistency and clarity.
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