Directed by Morgan Jordan of Morgan Jordan Studios
Ascend is a tuition-free Public Charter schools open to all and focused on Liberal arts education and based around different parts of Brooklyn.
Design in Context
How do we concretely design for the school community and how it interacts with them?
In creating the different design material for Ascend, it was especially important to create our own mockups that were applicable to the school areas. This meant photographing the communities and school while also designing accurately the program material.
Flexible design templates for the diverse Brooklyn community.
Flyers, printed out promotional materials, and even online advertisements were made to be flexible enough templates that could handle both English and Spanish translations. This was important as to understand the communities Ascend was reaching out to.​​​​​​​
Liberating, dependable and fun.
We made sure to create beautiful and elegant posters that still showed learning as fun, approachable, and friendly to students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.
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